Hemp and lime, allies of green building

From the unionhemp and limea large number of products for the green buildingstarting fromnatural bricks. The natural bricks oflime and hempthey are characterized by breathable and, at the same time, insulating properties.

The composition of natural bricks variesslightlyfrom company to company, in essence it is a mixture composed mainly ofhydraulic limeand wood ofhemp.

These bricks are greatthermal insulatorsin addition, they are able to absorb CO2 and are used in construction both to create walls and to set up insulating counter-walls, especially on old walls. The high thermal comfort allows you to counteract the onset of condensation and mold.

The marriage lime + hemp it's not that new! Just look at the building structure of historic buildings to find insulating layers made of natural materials such as straw, cane or, indeed, hemp, linked together precisely with lime or clay: the use of natural fibers in architecture is a very old and now well-tested practice. Today, among the various applications in green building, we see that the bricks ofhemp and limecan be used for:

  • build insulating external infill walls on reinforced concrete, wood, steel structures.
  • Insulate (internal or external coat) existing walls.
  • Create internal partition walls capable of guaranteeing high acoustic insulation.

With the union betweenlime and hemp we talk about the so-called "biomactone“, A highly durable product over time and above allrecyclable. The duration of the biocompound made with "lime and hemp”Is practically infinite: lime mineralizes the hemp making it unassailable by bacteria, molds, insects or rodents.

As stated, thehemphas always been used inbuildingas a substitute for theconcreteand bricks. The aggregatelime + hemp,manages to guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation combined with a healthy environment in which to live also thanks to the complete permeability to vapor: being a breathable material, it is suitable for very humid areas and at risk of mold and condensation.

The success of composite bricks inlime and hempis linked to the possibility of creating structures that are at the same time able to perform a function of mechanical support (such as classic concrete walls) and thermal and acoustic insulation without adding any additional panels.

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